Finally, a local dog trainer who gets your dog problems resolved!


With over 16 years of experience, using the proven, science techniques of positive reinforcement and our innovative methods, we have proven that our dog training works time and time again. Making a great dog is a challenge; takes time and dedication. We have a support team for our clients to provide Good Dog Walking, Just Like Home Doggie Day Care as well as pet sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Custom dog training classes and programs, personal dog walking and pet care for the
Los Angeles lifestyle.


Good Dog K9 Training and Services™, LLC

Local Dog Trainer - Private and Group Obedience Classes

Adele uses hand and body commands, a clicker and positive reinforcement methods to train dogs.

Using positive reinforcement can go as far as putting challenges to build confidence and bring out the best in a dog or puppy.

To begin the process of getting you and your dog onto a custom dog training program, Good Dog Walking or Pet Care simply fill out the Contact Form below. You will be contacted to begin your training or services.

Ready for some Good Dog K9 Training™?

We are the problem solvers - Good Dog K9 Training and Services™, LLC is here!

If you are in the Los Angeles area please call or text myself, Adele, at (818) 559-5482 for fast service! I am your local dog trainer.

I have had my small dog training business since 2002. 

Highly sought after Obedience Classes include Obedience, on-leash socialization as well as minor agility. You receive a set of 7 lessons for the competitive price $175!

Highly sought after Obedience Classes include Obedience, on-leash socialization as well as minor agility. You receive a set of 7 lessons for the competitive price $175!

Though I am certified as a Bio-scent Detection Dog Trainer and can teach a dog to detect cancer using plasma, urine, saliva and breath samples, I specialize in custom, obedience training.

I want to teach you, your dog and your whole family how bring out the best in everyone as far as managing your puppy or dog! We have individual lessons as well as dog training classes.

I also have a team of trusty, dog loving people who are an extension of me and they help with the dog walking and pet sitting aspect of my small business located in the City of Burbank and reaching out to many cities within the Los Angeles.

My petcare staff are all screened through the nationally accredited DataQuest, LLC to insure they are qualified by a professional company and not just some website that puts out raw answers that have not been verified.

I get to the bottom of your puppy and adult dog situations and provide in-home, personal dog training and puppy socialization classes in the City of Burbank, Studio City, Glendale, Sherman Oaks, surrounding cities and I am well known by so many veterinarians throughout the San Fernando Valley now - I welcome your call anywhere within the United States. I can Skype or just a simple phone call. Simply fill out the Contact Form below and we will be able to further assist you.

We deliver in-home lessons throughout the City of Los Angeles.

As mentioned before, I have a team of people who have been fully screened, are reliable and deliver the best dog walking and pet sitting services here in Los Angeles. Our integrity is strong and we work closely with our clients to ensure we are giving elite, quality service and really making sure the pets are really being cared for.

I have a high regard for those who have served in the military as well as senior citizens. Remind me when I see you for the lesson so that I can give you a discount.

Being a neutralizer, helping solve the problems amongst family members in relation to your pup is something I do.  You may find that your spouse just isn't up to speed and needs a little guidance and this is what I am asked to do routinely.  Call me if this sounds like something you need and let me know your specific situation.

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Adele Alvarez and I have been providing my dog training service, since 2002, in-home, local, dog training in locations such as the City of Burbank, Toluca Lake, Studio City, CA Encino, CA Sherman Oaks, CA Calabasas, CA Los Angeles, CA San Fernando Valley, CA Burbank, CA Glendale, CA Pasadena, CA San Marino, CA Northridge, CA North Hills, CA Santa Monica, CA Marina Del Rey, CA, LA, CA Beverly Hills, CA West Hollywood, CA and many areas in between. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

My local, small business is licensed and insured; I have a proven record of friendly, safe and competent training for people, kids and dogs. Good Dog K9 Training and Services™, LLC dog training methods are kind, effective and WORK.

I also provide dog training and puppy socialization classes but most people that call me ask for individual lessons.  The dog training can sometimes resolve their situation right on the first lesson. I also provide dog training in parks within the City of Burbank.


Safe Methods of Dog Training

My methods of good dog training are something important. In order to make my training effective I take things back to basic - you have to teach the dog that there's a difference between right and wrong. This would be equivalent to 1st Grade. After you have accomplished this you will be able to teach other things. Socialization is equivalent to 11th or 12th Grade. 

As a good trainer I can tell you there are great benefits to having your dog schooled this way.  This dog training is for a puppy or adult, small/large breed dog.  

It is done on the basic understanding that your dog will develop its good habits on a gradient - not having too great of an expectation but strengthening its abilities by taking each success one by one. 

Not only do I get your dog to become more FOCUSED on you, I teach you, your husband, wife and whole family how to gain full control over your dog. 

With dog training as a personal lesson, I teach basic obedience methods as well as advanced. I love rescue dogs and pretty much any dog.  I don't judge - I have had both non-rescue, rescue and adopted dogs and cats throughout my life. At this point in time, here in Los Angeles, it is apparent that there are many backyard breeders over the last decade that have created a tremendous situation that makes it critical for humans to go to the local animal shelter or to support rescue groups.

No matter what, getting a rescue dog or cat is a heroic deed. And, like I said before, I am not one to judge what kind of pet you should get. Just come to me if you need help in training it to be a good dog! 


Working with Children and Dogs

Dog training for children is important and I love to work with kids. I have done it for years and find it fun to help and be an inspiration for them to extend their abilities into the animal world.

I have also helped my mother with her childcare business of 30 years and who was known state-wide for setting a precedence in the childcare industry (proclamations from the Governor and Mayors over the years). I have a good understanding of how to relate and educate children and have done dog training with many.

I have helped hundreds of families and their kids over the years gain a better understanding of their dog, take responsibility for it and actually bring a very hectic situation under control with both the handling of the dog (by the children) as well as getting the dog training in domestic obedience - not bolting out the door, jumping up on guests, nipping and the long list of bad behaviors that can occur at home. 

I also encourage an education in the areas of nutrition and health for dogs. Just like people, dogs have ailments that need to be handled either prior to or simultaneous to educating their dog. By having your dog's attention fully devoted to learning and not bothered by some kind of ailment, you can see that this would be of great benefit. With classes or dog training as a single lesson, let me share the knowledge that I have learned in the area of nutrition and health. Preventative solutions are also something I am able to assist in as well.

Allow me to share the knowledge of getting your dog trained with you as well as your family. This dog training is an exciting venture to having and taking care of a dog and there are certain things that you need to know - kind of like having a new born baby; not everyone knows what to expect or what to do in certain circumstances. I want to make this an enjoyable venture for you!

I have been loving and helping moms, dads, kids and animals since 1971, obedience dog training for years and I officially became a hard-working, tax-paying business owner here in California since January 2003.

People that see me work see that I have a natural ability to connect with canines - my first dog was a rescue at the age of 9. My next rescue dog came from a shelter when I was 13. And, my rescue list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the three cats I rescued over the years. I now have a new French Bulldog that brings joy to everyone he meets.

The program that I provide is a very successful one. Since I started my Good Dog K9 Training and Services, LLC business in 2002, I have developed a ton of clients in the City of Burbank and Toluca Lake, Hollywood Lake, Studio City, (and surrounding Universal City areas), Sherman Oaks and then extended into Encino, Northridge, West LA, Calabasas, Augora Hills and Pasadena.

Already two Veterinarians have successfully completed this program. Dr. Martin (now retired) from Parkview Pet Clinic in Glendale and Dr. Craig Adler at the VCA Adler Vet Group in Northridge.

I now have Veterinarians in the Toluca Lake, CA Burbank, CA Los Angeles, CA San Fernando, CA Calabasas, CA West Hills, CA Northridge, CA Porter Ranch, CA Santa Monica, CALa Canada, CA Glendale, CA and areas who recommend me as a very good dog trainer. As well there are other additional areas my dog training is recommended in such as Encino,CA  Sherman Oaks, CA and the West Hills, CA areas.

Myy clients thank me for the dog training and tell me that their dog is a whole new dog, that it is respectful and focused and that they have now have a clear understanding of how to maintain their dog through the dog training I have taught them. 

After dog training many clients appreciate my dog walking service to help maintain their dog. But the dog walking service is not limited to only my dog training clients. My team of dog walkers and pet sitters are available for anyone who owns a puppy or dog that is not a health risk.

The top notch dog walking service that my team provides as well as the pet sitting are all about making happy customers and happy pets!

In order to become a good dog trainer, basic training was begun which gave me the structure for a dog obedience program. In addition to this I had contacted other good trainers and exchanged techniques and solutions that were solutions and not problems. Note: A good trainer will be able to make you competent at handling your dog through their dog training techniques.

I’ve studied many, many breeds and observed the various behaviors and qualities of they have. With all of this training it became clear to me that we are all operating off of the same basic, dog training program and that it is not an esoteric subject that is unable to be learned by the average person. It's vast and scientific but actually quite simple.

Communication is a key part of training an individual and a dog and getting through several courses on this subject alone has assisted me to better the quality of my training and improved the psychological approach to training.

I wanted to share this dog training knowledge with others and decided to venture into the dog training business as a professional. 

I had seen time and time again domestic problems of many kinds and wanted to provide an education for not only the canine but the owner or family themselves. But, my philosophy is that dog training never ends for me or for someone who owns a dog - I am constantly in the books - reading up on the many techniques and qualities of life styles of dogs and learn something new everyday.

You are either training your dog at any given moment in time or you aren’t.

My Group dog training classes have always helped in so many ways. I have these in the City of Burbank and sometimes in Studio City.

Finally...a good dog trainer - Adele Alvarez.

I offer personal obedience dog training classes for people in Toluca Lake, CA Encino, CA  Sherman Oaks, CA  West Hills, CA Glendale, CA  Burbank,CA Los Angeles, CA Calabasas,CA Pasadena,CA  Northridge,CA  North Hills, CA Santa Monica, CA and Beverly Hills, LA, CA.

* Dog training in Burbank, CA can be done with no mileage cost but dog training throughout LA, CA areas requires a one way mileage charge from Burbank. Please review the information here on my site and email/call to set up an appointment for the individual dog training classes or personal lessons.


Medical Scent Detection Training is here!

There have been over 550 medical studies regarding detection of cancer by using a dog's ability to smell - dogs have been published and proven at higher accuracy levels than modern day machines. By using non-invasive samples of saliva, exhaled condensate from a patient and urine, the detection of problematic cells have been detected amongst healthy cells. It is a fact that globally, 7.5 million people die every year from cancer. For decades we have observed dogs trying to communicate the presence of cancer to his/her owners.  And now, for more than 13 years now, the InSitu Foundation has been spearheading the cutting edge technology of using dogs to detect cancer. 

I am honored to be one of the first of 12 trainers who has been certified as a Bio-Dog Medical Scent Detection dog trainer.  This is larger than life! Cutting edge technology to detect early forms of cancers. We will need many teams of trainers to take on this huge endeavor.

In order to continue the research I will need equipment, a team of dogs and a facility for training. This is the InSitu organization that I work with:

Because dogs have about 300, 000, 000 olfactory cells compared to a human's 5,000,000 they are proving how much more capable they are at recognizing diseases amongst many other things.

Cancer STINKS! If you would like to join my team, please fill out the contact form and I will be in touch with your soon!