Most people are looking for a reliable trainer, dog walker and pet service. Good Dog K9 Training has been working very hard to set a precedence and providing top notch service in the dog industry since 2002. 

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"I hired Adelita because I saw results coming through my door routinely and I knew she was competent enough to help get my dog trained.

She is a very honest and caring person and I know she will be of help to many dog owners who need obedience training whether puppy or adult dog - she can do it.

I recommend her to all of my clients who need obedience training."

~ Dr. William Martin DVM
Parkview Pet Clinic

"I had interviewed about 30 dog sitters, handlers, trainers and none compared to Adelita. Right from the start, having never seen her work with any dogs prior, I could see she was the one I was looking for. My Mastiff, Blue, treated her with respect and was very calm and willing around her. She is responsible and I am so lucky to have found her."

~ B.M.


My husband and I decided to add to our dog family of 2 basset hounds a 5 1/2 year old rescued bloodhound named Duchess. 

Neither of us had any experience with a 100 lb. dog and out of necessity began to investigate training options before she arrived. Our veterinarian, Dr. Martin, recommended Adelita from his own personal experience with her as a trainer of his dogs as well as Adelita's experience and reputation with large and challenging dogs.

Adelita assessed our dogs' behavior and gave us a very different approach to training effectively, which of course, involved training both of us as well.

I have found Adelita's methods to be uniquely customized, effective and humane. I continue to recommend her to anyone with animal training and behavior issues!

Sincerely, Carolyn & Mark Pedowitz