Starting October 5, 2019…

Ah! Now that I’ve got your attention…this is probably the best deal you can find anywhere in our city of Los Angeles! Your 3 month subscription dog training program starts with attending the first 6 classes of Basic Obedience Classes and after this you can come to as many classes as you wish.

You will also have access to training videos that are not available to anyone else. These are dedicated to helping you with your dog’s behaviors such as jumping, nipping, puppy behaviors and situational solutions for both puppies and dogs (including socialization). The program can be done by either adults, children or both and is family oriented because we realize the importance of bringing kids up with good morals, with a structured environment and taking responsibility for the family dog. We want to strengthen both you and your child from the inside and this dog training program brings better confidence and control to the end of making your relationship a happier one.

The videos also include Basic Obedience training including dog walking ettiequte, Sit, Down, Focus, body language, Go to your place, boundary training and more.

So, to recap, a 3 month subscription dog training program that is set up for both the owner and dog to have a WIN! You will have an unlimited access once you complete the first 6 classes and training videos dedicated to helping you train your dog (for 3 months - October through December).

If you are interested in signing up for the Subscription Training Program, 3 month unlimited access and more, please fill out the Contact Form below.