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Puppy House Training 101

I’m putting together a kit for anyone who has a puppy and wants to get started on simple basics such as how to train your dog to eliminate in the right places.

The first thing you will need to do is set up a play pen with a crate in your home. Make this close to a door as you will be teaching it to go outside and take care of #1 and #2.

If you live in an apartment, I suggest putting the crate near to the bathroom where there are already existing scents (that your puppy can relate to) and this will help in getting him/her to go on pee pads.

There are paper and fabric pads available online or in stores. Some people clean up #2 using a bag just as you would outside and then make a separate pile of laundry with the cloth pads. You will also have less to throw away which helps out the planet.

Next, you will need to keep a daily and an hourly account of your dogs feeding, elimination and exercise. Here is a helpful Daily/Hourly form that you can download, print and use to keep things on track.

The more you guidance and direction you can give to your dog, the more likely your dog will understand what you need and the less time it will take for them to learn to where to go to the bathroom.

Potty Training Form

Ideally, you will be taking your puppy outside once an hour. Eventually, you can start bringing it outside every two hours and so on. Your dog will learn, after enough repetition as well as other structured training (which I can provide for you).