We have created a safe place for your dog to stay during the day or an overnight stay as you need.  Depending on availability, your dog stays at the home of one of our pet sitters or dog walkers.  This is a job that is contracted out and, they are fully insured and are a part of the Pet Sitters International community.

Quality time is spent with your dog including playing, hanging out and sometimes a second or third dog are there to interact.  Dog walking is sometimes given and of course any meals or medications are also administered. 

Full Day (9 hours) $60.00
1/2 Day (6 hours) $45.00
1 hour Day Care ($25.00)

Overnight Stay $75 for Puppies that require house breaking as this is considered training for the pup.


One of our fully screened and responsible Dog Services people will come to your home to take care of your pet's needs.  This is a 12 hour stay and so if they arrive at 6:00 PM, they are required to stay until 6:00 AM. They can stay longer if they wish and this is usually the case.

They will give your dog three walks, one in the evening, one in the morning and one in the middle of the afternoon.

The service also includes administering meds, hanging out and giving your pet a good massage to comfort it while you are away, bringing in your mail and putting it in a safe place, turning on/off lights, bringing in the newspaper, watering plants if you are away for a longer period, keeping an eye on the sprinklers, sending you daily photos and updates and, of course, alerting you if there is a problem with anything. 

This service starts in the morning of the day you are leaving and ends on the evening of you coming back.

Full Day $100
Partial Day $50

Payment is done in full before the service is rendered.

Dog Taxi

When you're on the GO and need some help to pick up your dog at the kennel, veterinarian office or groomers you can count on me to bring your dog home safely. The cost starts at $25.00 for the Burbank area and is an additional $1.00 per mile outside of the City of Burbank (Calculated for a round trip).