Custom Personal, In-home Lessons

I am a problem solver.

Dog training since 2002, I have pretty much seen everything and you can count on me being able to get to the bottom of your situation faster than most dog trainers who are out there.

If you are having difficulty getting a specific issue under control such as barking, jumping up on people, nipping, walking on a leash, stealing things, running away, calming down and more AND would like to receive the training yourself, sometimes this option is good for a dog that can have the specific habit broken on a single lesson and teach the owner how to maintain the situation.

You will be learning “marker” training (otherwise known as “clicker-training”) and together getting your dog to bring it’s mindset to a whole, new level.

I will be leaving you homework to work on which will include sending in videos of your work and I will be advising you on what to do in each individual circumstance.

I also work together with you, your dog as well as your veterinarian. Every dog is different and will be handled case by case.

I take my dog training seriously and work hard to make the changes my client need and want for their dog and lifestyles.


Cost for a 1-hour lesson is $150 and includes both humans and dog.

Cost for a 2-hour lesson is $200 and includes humans and your dog.

Cost of 3 full, one hour lessons is $365 and includes humans and your dog.

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