The Basics to Sniffer training. You will get a great foundation and understanding of how a dog tracks a scent as well as practice drills that you can do at class, home or anywhere in the environment. There are a total of 4 classes for this course where you and your dog will begin your sniffer training skills.

In addition to learning how to use your dog's nose, you will also learn more about how to further your training if your dog is qualified, after evaluation, to become a Cancer Detection dog. 


This class is held outdoors and is for all those who have taken the Phase 1 course. 

You will learn and practice your sniffer skills in a more difficult scenario while increasing your understanding of how a dog tracks scents. 

Want to bone up on your Sniffer Skills? There's a good chance you will benefit from this class. There are a total of 4 classes held in a local, City of Burbank park.


Sniffer training is a daily skill and should be practiced just as you would stay consistent when going to the gym.  

As it may take time before a clinical trial is approved in the City of Los Angeles, we are still looking for medical doctors and hospitals who are interested in participating in cancer detection using plasma, urine and breath samples. 

These will be used for a Phase 3 program for those dogs who are eligible to start training to become a Cancer Detection dog. 

Once we have the wherewithal to do this, we will commence the Phase 3 program including the advanced training using actual samples from cancer patients.