For a four week package of 6 lessons in the comfort of your home.

Schedule in your 6 custom, one hour lessons and resolve the situation you currently have. I usually recommend 2 lessons for the first two weeks and one lesson for the following 2 weeks.  Every situation is different but that is a general rule that I go by.

The benefits of doing this training program are that you will know for sure if you are doing the training the right way.  An assessment is done and the right methods of training will be determined for you and your dog. 

This is intensive training. Whether it's a new puppy in need of additional puppy training, jumping, playing rough with the kids or an adult dog with behavioral issues, needs help dog walking properly on a leash, not busting out of doorways, Focus and teaching patience. This is a package of 6. The total cost is $600 (in San Fernando Valley).

Discounts are also given to Veterans, people with physical disabilities including autism and senior citizens. The cost of a single lesson is $100 and if you are signing up for multiple lessons the travel fee is waived.