Puppy Training Program

Here we have an all-encompassing program for new puppy owners who want to begin training from the very day it comes home with you. 

Whether you are a new puppy owner or someone who just brought a new puppy into you house or apartment, this training is for you, puppy and the whole family.

It is common to have me come the very day you bring your pup home to ensure success. 

And, to make sure everything stays on track, I train with you for three sessions.

The first is a one-hour session at your home and there are two half-hour sessions where we meet in a park in Burbank and make sure good progress is being made. 

Here are the topics covered in these lessons:

1. Training supplies

2. Crate/Potty training

3. Puppy biting

4. Puppy barking/whining

5. Proper play with puppy

6. Jumping

8. Collar/harness use

9. Stair training

10. Excitement urination

11. Chewing

12. Digging

13. Separation anxiety

14. Bonding and being a leader

15. Beginning Clicker training for Sit and Stay.

The cost of this 3-session program is $190

What are you waiting for? Let's roll!