Good Dog K9 Training and Services, LLC Programs


Personal, In-home 1 Hour Lesson

If you are having difficulty getting a specific issue under control such as barking, nipping, walking on a leash but would like to receive the training yourself.  Sometimes this option is good for a dog that I can break habits on a single lesson and teach the owner how to maintain the situation.

This one-hour lesson is $145. (Burbank and Glendale residence $120).

The cost of a personal, in-home, one hour lesson is $175 in the Beverly Hills and surrounding areas.


Training Package 1

For a two week package of 6 lessons in the comfort of your home. Schedule in your 6 custom, one hour lessons and resolve the situation you currently have. Whether it's a new puppy in need of additional puppy training, jumping, playing rough with the kids or an adult dog with behavioral issues, needs help dog walking properly on a leash, not busting out of doorways, Focus and teaching patience. Each lesson is approximately $83.00 and this is a package of 6. The total cost is $500 (in San Fernando Valley).

The cost of Training Package 1 in Beverly Hills and surrounding cities: Each lesson is $125 with a total of $750 for the 6 lessons.  


Training Package 2

This package focuses on behavioral problems such as barking, jumping, anxiety and much more.  This is a boarding plan that includes one on one, intense work with your dog in the comfort of a dog trainer's home. One week of boarding is $875.


Training Package 3

This includes pet sitting and simultaneous custom dog training of your best friend within the comfort of your home. Video updates sent daily to show you the progress being made. Training can include potty training, domestic obedience, training with play-agility, sniffer games as well as walking properly on a leash. Other goals can be discussed. Cost per day for pet sitting and dog training is $125 per day/night.  


Puppy Training Program

Here we have an all-encompassing program for new puppy owners who want to begin training from the very day it comes home with you. 

Whether you are a new puppy owner or someone who just brought a new puppy into you house or apartment, this training is for you, puppy and the whole family.

It is common to have me come the very day you bring your pup home to ensure success. 

And, to make sure everything stays on track, I train with you for three sessions.

The first is a one-hour session at your home and there are two half-hour sessions where we meet in a park in Burbank and make sure good progress is being made. 

Here are the topics covered in these lessons:

1. Training supplies

2. Crate/Potty training

3. Puppy biting

4. Puppy barking/whining

5. Proper play with puppy

6. Jumping

8. Collar/harness use

9. Stair training

10. Excitement urination

11. Chewing

12. Digging

13. Separation anxiety

14. Bonding and being a leader

15. Beginning Clicker training for Sit and Stay.

The cost of this 3-session program is $175

What are you waiting for? Let's roll!


Puppy Social Dog Training

Training sessions are held at local pet stores, restaurants, the mall and other social places. Each session is 30 minutes long and usually scheduled once each week. Age requirements are puppies no older than 6 months old. Location and dates change so make sure you get confirmation in order to begin. 

Ideally, you would sign up for 4 or more of these initially and get your dog involved and socializing at an early age. After you've attended 5 you are eligible to attend a full year of these socials for FREE.

Here are the key areas you and your puppy will be working on in these classes:

1. Focus

2. How to greet people and dogs

3. Sitting calmly with distractions

4. Not begging at the table

5. Dog walking properly down a street together with other dogs and people

6. Q & A period

If your dog has qualified with good health as well as having signed up for a training package with Good Dog K9 Training & Services, the puppy socials are free. Otherwise, puppy socials are $20.00 each.


Skype or Phone Call Training Assist

Dog training help is just a phone call away! This is a cost-effective way to assist in bringing back stability into your situation. I offer insightful answers to common dog training questions and behavioral problems. 

The beauty of this service is that I can be done outside while dog walking or inside with less distractions. 

Payment must be done online or using the Venmo app prior to phone call. Minimum 30 minute phone call is $50.00.


Park Training Package

This one-on-one training with TWO clients.  It is done at a park within the City of Burbank. Single, one-hour lessons are $50.00 for each client.  This is a package of three lessons so the total cost is $150 for each client. 



Safe Dog Walking & Service Pricing


A Standard Dog Walk

A standard 30 minute dog walk costs $21 per dog. It is $5.00 for an additional dog. 


An In-Home Visit

In-home 20 minute visit for pet feeding, quick walk for elimination, medications and love is $20.00.


In-Home Pet Sitting, Insured

You've got to find the most trusting person in your city to come watch your house and, take care of the most important dog in the whole world, your dog(s). You've used your friend or family but they aren't available this time and you'd like to have a long-term person set up. Well, look no further because we are very experienced, responsible and will treat your pets with the same love and care that you give. 

I charge $100.00 per night and this includes being there from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM with an evening dog walk, a morning dog walk and feeding. Also included is getting your mail picked up, turning on/off lights, watering plants and taking out kitchen trash.

And, you can count on getting updates of texts/photos of your best friends while dog walking or inside your home, safe and sound. The Good Dog Pet Sitter will be available for you to call when you need. 

You can have additional 20 minute visits for $20.00 each as stated above. 


Just Like Home Day Care and Boarding

We have created a safe place for your dog to stay during the day or an overnight stay as you need.  Depending on availability, your dog stays at the home of one of our pet sitters or dog walkers.  

Quality time is spent with your dog including playing, hanging out and sometimes a second or third dog are there to interact.  Dog walking is sometimes given and of course any meals or medications are also administered. 

Full Day (9 hours) $60.00
1/2 Day (6 hours) $45.00
1 hour Day Care ($25.00)
Overnight Stay $85.00


Dog Taxi

When you're on the GO and need some help to pick up your dog at the kennel, veterinarian office or groomers you can count on me to bring your dog home safely. The cost starts at $25.00 for the Burbank area and is an additional $1.00 per mile outside of the City of Burbank (Calculated for a round trip).

Refund policy: There are no refunds for services that have already been rendered.