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Dog Training Prices

Personal Lessons - Package 1

For a 1.5 hour Personal Lesson (dog training for you and your dog): $175.00

Personal Lessons - Package 2

For three 1-hour Personal Lessons (dog training for you and your dog): $300.00

Personal Lessons - Package 3

For five, consecutive, 1-hour Personal Lessons (dog training for you and your dog): $450.00

* Travel fee outside of Burbank is .50 per mile round trip.

Every additional 5 minute is $4.00.

Personal lessons are a wonderful solution if you have a wife or husband who doesn't quite have things under control in the doggie department.  If you feel he/she is ruining your dog and would like me to come and deliver a lesson, be the neutralizer, please give me a call and let me know the specifics.

Call me if you feel you need individual attention so we can set up an appointment for you, your spouse or family member and your dog to be trained.

Group Socialization Lessons

Group lessons for puppies, small and large breed dogs are held in Burbank on Saturday.

Great fun for owners and dogs - come join our group lessons! Price: Three lessons for $60. *Length of training time will depend on how often owner practices with dog.

Important:  Before entering the group lesson it is important (but not mandatory) to have had at least one or more personal lessons with Adelita learning hand and voice commands for Focus, Sit, Lay Down, properly walking on a leash. 

This really makes it easier on you and your dog, practicing the training at home and then coming to the group lesson. Everyone is on the same page and is the right gradient step by meeting in a common environment.  This class also gets the owners to take responsibility for the whole group - coming to the lessons with the viewpoint that there will be all kinds of dog issues and using those as opportunities to teach their dog the right and wrong action to take. 

* "Leave it" command, properly greeting people, social obedience with other dogs, people and environmental distractions are also taught and practiced in these socialization lessons.

* To learn "Come", not bolting out of doors but instead waiting, how to establish and maintain boundaries in the house and many other domestic situations you may need further personal lessons from Adelita.

Behavior modification: 
You've lost control of your dog and need someone to correct it's bad habits.  Consultation is necessary to establish the goals you would like to accomplish. $250.00 for 1.5 hour lesson (at your home).


Please fill out the Contact Me form on this website to sign up for training or call (818) 559-5482 for more details.

Finally...a good dog trainer!  We offer personal obedience training classes in LA, Glendale, Burbank, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Northridge, North Hills, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, CA.  The lessons range throughout the San Fernando and LA areas in the comfort of your home.

Does your dog have potty training issues? 

Are you trying to rid your dog of certain bad behaviors?

Do you have kids that need the training more than your dog?

Allow me to help your dog to be a good listener - focused and obedient once and for all.

This clearly is an effective program as there are currently Veterinarians in the Los Angeles and Valley areas that recommend this Good Dog K9 Training Program. 

Dr. Martin from the Parkview Pet Clinic has now had two of his dogs as well as his family trained specifically with us because he saw the success of his clients walk through his door routinely.  

And Dr. Adler from the Northridge area has now gotten his dog and family trained through this two week program as well and is very satisfied with the results.

There are many rave success stories about this program and some of these have been listed on this site.


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