Dog socialization isn't just something cute and fun to do with your pup.

It plays a key role in how he or she will end up - a burden of bad dog behaviors or a truly satisfying experience of having a fully socialized dog that can be around people, kids and other dogs comfortably.

Eligible dogs have at least two sets of shots and have a bill of good health from the veterinarian. 

The Puppy Socials that I hold are one hour long and are held in a Burbank. To join the class simply fill out the Contact form below and I will send you more details such as what restaurant, park or dog store we will be at and when. 

Come join this socialization class.  We can really bring them into understanding the foundation of having good, social manners and being the best dog that they could ever be.



I am looking for dog lovers who would like to help me put dog social events together at a local restaurant. There is no age limit or any kind of qualification other than you love dogs and are a high-spirited volunteer that loves to help people. 

The purpose of the event is to provide dog training, improve social skills with the dogs and to make a fun and exciting event to share with everyone. 

The type of volunteer work will include:

Contacting small businesses who would like to offer gifts for contests 

Creating prize baskets (there will be games) with the above and other freebies

A photographer

Promoting the event online

Promoting the event at local vet offices, grooming stores and pet stores

Passing out invitations face to face to people who own dogs and would like to come

Someone who keeps track of a Sign-In book at the event

A couple of people who can help at the actual event as a host/hostess/usher and interact with guests

This event will be held on a Sunday so volunteers would need to be available from 11:00 am to 1:00.

Looking forward to having you all and making a memorable event in December 2016 and it will continue every month in the year of 2017!

Please contact me if you are interested in helping.