Custom Personal, In-home 1 Hour Lesson

If you are having difficulty getting a specific issue under control such as barking, jumping up on people, nipping, walking on a leash, stealing things, running away, calming down and more AND would like to receive the training yourself, sometimes this option is good for a dog that can have the specific habit broken on a single lesson and teach the owner how to maintain the situation.

This one-hour lesson is $145 and includes you and your dog. If you live in Burbank, CA the cost of a single, custom lesson is $120.00.

Single lesson with Trainer and dog is also available.  The lesson does not include the owner as the trainer will be working on a custom program for the dog. This is great for dogs that need the training but owner is not available or would rather have the trainer do the work. In order to make this program work, you would need to also get yourself trained on and off to ensure things are being reinforced and your dog maintains the training being delivered.